Maternity Waiting House DESIGN GUIDE

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A beautiful picture book “Maternity Waiting House DESIGN GUIDE” has printed.

This book shows how we have developed the community participatory design approach to making maternity waiting house in the rural areas in Zambia, with NGO JOICFP, PPAZ, IPPF and people from the community since 2011.

You can download PDF files from below. Hope to share this great creation of songs, dances and paintings!







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Mikiko Endo (Mother Architecture), JOICFP Some Rights Reserved. 2015

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Maternity Waiting House DESIGN GUDE

Issued by: Mother Architecture & JOICFP

Jan 2015 Tokyo

Publisher: JOICFP

Editor: Mother Architecture

Cooperate Editor: JOICFP, IPPF, PPAZ

Supported by IPPF

Photo Credit: Osamu Kurihara

Graphic and Editorial design: uji design